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Dr. Suhail Al-Sahli

Dear Friend,

What I'm about to say may really shock you.

If you've had trouble losing weight and keeping it off, for the very first
time you're about to discover the exact reason why. And believe me it's
no accident that what I'm about to reveal is information you've probably
never heard before.

The fact is, there are far too many people making an absolute fortune
keeping the following inconvenient truth a secret:

The main reason you are overweight is NOT because of your
consumption of excess calories, bad luck in the genetic lottery, personal
or work related stress –– or any of the other usual "explanations".

And it's really not your fault that you are overweight.

Unfortunately, you are the victim of two very powerful and hidden forces
at work 24/7 to keep you in that condition.

The actual reason you have struggled to lose weight and keep it off is
that you have a cesspool of toxic substances lodged in your body that
literally attract fat and hold on to it like a magnet!

Not only are these toxic substances "fat magnets;" they are actively
cultivating disease in your body, draining your energy, and making you
addicted to eating foods that just go on making you fatter!

Since I'm a doctor who specializes in natural remedies, my main concern
is not only your appearance, but your overall health.

So, if you really want to lose weight it's essential that you recognize that
being overweight isn't just a weight problem, it's a health problem, and a
rather serious one that you simply can't afford to ignore.

I would be awfully remiss if I didn't tell you that...

The overwhelming majority of weight loss products (and diets) on the
market can actually leave you in worse health than you were before
you tried them
. And that's even if you did succeed in losing weight! Not
to mention that the pounds you lose normally come right back on, with

Appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, Atkins Diet, low fat diets,
high fat diets, South Beach diets, Hollywood diets and hundreds of other
"solutions" pose a serious threat to your health. (I explain why below).

So how do you distinguish a safe, valid weight loss method from a fraud?
It’s very simple. A valid weight loss method is one that’s PROVEN to
work. and when I say "work" I mean significantly reduce your weight AND
cause a measurable improvement in your health.

And in the world of science the ONLY THING that proves the
effectiveness of something is a valid RESEARCH STUDY
. It's what
licensed research physicians use to separate fact from fiction.

The Medical Research Study showed that the
average person lost 7.5 pounds in the very
first week of doing the program!
They also had
significant improvements in their blood work, and a
resurgence of health and well being!
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110 pounds! on
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Before I tell you how you can avail yourself to the NuLean Wellness
Weight-Loss Cleanse, let's take a look at what toxins do to your body,
and exactly why they are "fat magnets."

If you are over weight you have a toxic body. In fact, if you live in
America you have a toxic body! This is not just an opinion.

According to the Environmental Working Group, 100% of Americans
are toxic. In fact, there is a new official medical term for this horrifying
Body Burden.

Toxicity studies were done on people by testing their blood and urine.
171 industrial chemicals, pesticides and solvents were found in the
average person who participated in the studies.

In one study published by the Environmental Working Group, 287
commercial chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants were found in the
umbilical cord blood from newborn infants, randomly selected by the
Red Cross from U.S. hospitals!

Now. Guess what THE most visible symptom of toxicity is in the body?

It's fat!

In today's society, fat is not just a sign of over-eating; it's a symptom of
a toxic body!

There is a widespread misconception that the government is looking
out for us relating to toxins in our food and environment.

The fact is, the U.S. government hasn't updated its chemical policies
in thirty years. Coincidentally, the vast majority of chemicals found in
our air, water, food and cosmetics have been developed over the last
thirty years! The government simply doesn't have sufficient resources
to test and keep up with the accelerated pace that chemical toxins are
being developed and dumped into the products we consume and the
water we drink..

The EPA states that 4 billion pounds of toxins have been
released into our environment. That comes out to an average of
about 15 pounds of toxins in each person!

Have you ever met someone who eats lots of fresh vegetables and
still gains weight? Perhaps this describes you. But how can this be?
How can vegetables make you fat?

The truth is, that seemingly innocent salad isn't just made of
vegetables. It's vegetables heavily sprayed with deadly toxins!

According to the US Geological Survey:

• 38 different chemicals can be found in
a common grocery store head of lettuce!

• 41 toxins in cucumber!

• And 51 toxins in tomatoes!

Unless you are a saint that only eats organic food, drinks purified
water, doesn't use any cosmetics and breathes air in a purified bubble
–– and you've been doing these things all your life –– then your body
is riddled with toxins!

Look, we live in a chemical world. Just fifty years ago the average
person weighed 25 pounds less than they do today. Are we heavier
now just because we consume more calories? Hardly. Today we are
fatter because our bodies are overburdened with the accumulation of
these toxins. They are making us fat and making us sick.

As I said, toxins are in our air, food, water and cosmetics. For now,
let's just talk about food.

Here is a mere fraction of the most commonly found toxins in our
foods: preservatives,
hormones, antibiotics, processed sugar,
processed flour, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, heavy
petrochemicals, trans fatty acids and pesticides.

It's unfortunate big industries create these poisons with little regard to
the broad consequences to life. But they do. Here is the function of the
most major toxins:
1. Preservatives are added to canned, bottled and packaged food to
increase the shelf life of products.

2. Hormones and antibiotics are given to farm animals to increase their
size and longevity.

3. Pesticides are sprayed on fruit and vegetable plants to keep bugs off

4. Trans-fatty acids, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, processed sugar,
etc., are added on or to food to make it more "tasty" and to addict the
consumer to crave them.

5. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury are used for many
things. They are dumped into our oceans and get into our fish. They are
also used many other ways that eventually find their way into food.
The American Cancer Society says that up to 75% of cancer cases
are caused by environmental factors. To a large degree, that's
because people's bodies cannot eliminate the toxins I have
mentioned in this article.

Here is list of diseases that relate to toxins in the body.

• Immune system diseases,

• Neurological disorders,

• Digestive disorders,

• Hormonal imbalances,

• Diabetes,

• Cardiovascular diseases,

• Cancer,

• Musculoskeletal disorders,

• Chronic low energy,

• And, of course, obesity.
Once in your body, toxins do four things that
help manufacture fat:

1. Slows down your metabolism.

2. Decreases your body’s ability to burn fat.

3. Slows down the time it takes for you to
feel full (this is called the satiety response

4. Traps fat in the body.

When toxins enter your body, they are in a fat soluble state. In order for
them to exit your body your liver must convert them from fat soluble to
water soluble. This way the toxins can be removed through your body's
normal elimination pathways (urine, sweat, excrement, breath).

But what happens when the toxins don't get converted to a water
soluble state?

If the liver doesn't convert the toxins from fat to water soluble then the
toxins enter the blood steam and travel to various parts of the body
where they get trapped in the cells. In order for your body to protect
itself from these poisons it "seals" them in by creating FAT and

This process of storing toxins also wreaks havoc on your
metabolism, causing it to slow down, which in turn creates even
more fat!

Here's the problem: Your body simply wasn't built to deal with the toxins
that are bombarding us in today's world. It's never happened before in
our history! If there is any genetic link at all to getting fat it's that your
genes haven't been programmed to deal with all these toxins that are
making you fat!

But hold on. All is not lost!

If you can supply your liver with the right combination of nutrients to
cleanse your liver, it will have the means to convert the toxins that enter
your body from fat to water soluble!

That's right. There is only one way to get the toxins out: It's having the
right combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibers and proteins
that will cause your liver to convert the fat soluble toxins into a water
soluble state!

This right combination of nutrients will also cause your body to get rid of
the STORED TOXINS in its cells. When this happens the fat falls away!

The weight loss cleanse described below gives you the exact scientific
blend of these nutrients! THIS IS THE SECRET OF HOW TO HAVE

A common misconception is that fat is, ah, well, just "fat.

The fat you see on people today is
part fat and part inflammation due to the
toxins in the cells. The common "beer belly"
you seen on men, is actually an inflamed colon!

What are sometimes referred to as
"thunder thighs" on women, are really
fat plus inflamed tissues.


It works like this:

When toxins enter a woman the body most often pushes the toxins and
fat away from the stomach area so that they can safely bear children, thus
these toxins end up in the rear-end and thighs, where they create fat and

Men obviously don't bear children so the body just allows the toxins, fat,
and inflammation to build up right at the point of arrival in the intestines
and stomach area.

Cellulite is mostly a symptom of toxins being trapped in the area of the

So next time you hear the term “Thunder Thighs,” know that a more
accurate term is “Toxic Thighs.” And a “Beer Belly” is actually a “Toxic

Even if you lose weight by dieting, or using weight-loss products, the
pounds always come back, often with a vengeance!

But something even worse happens: You can find yourself less
healthy than before you even started the diet! Here’s why: If you don’t
cleanse the toxins out of the body, when you lose weight you’re left with a
higher percentage of these poisons per pound of body fat than before
you started dieting!

If you weighed 160 lbs. and had 10 grams (an arbitrary number) of toxins
in your body, even if you got down to 120 lbs. through dieting you would
still have 10 grams of toxins in your body, which means more toxins per
pound of body weight. This is an unhealthy state.

Even worse: Many of today's fad diets not only DON'T get the toxins out,
they actually starve your body of the nutrients it needs! Atkins Diet and
Hoodia (appetite suppressant) are two perfect examples. You might lose
weight, but at the same time you are starving yourself of nutrition. To a
small degree fruits and vegetables will help cleanse your body of toxins,
but on these diets you don't even get those! Is it any wonder people feel
worse after doing such diets?

The solution to losing weight safely and permanently is accomplished by
cleansing the toxins out of your system, and getting active. When you do
this properly the fat melts away, your energy improves and the weight is
more likely to stay off.

Cleansing is nothing new. Throughout the ages cleansing has been a
tradition among humans. From the days of early Babylon, up through
present-day, man has had a natural instinct to cleanse his or her body
from the inside out.
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In my search for a natural cleanse, I have only run across one
that is
backed by a valid Medical Research Study. The NuLean Wellness
Weight-Loss Cleanse was tested at a major University by a team of doctors.
Not only did the participants doing the cleanse rapidly and uniformly lose
substantial weight, laboratory blood work on each participant before and after
one week of cleansing indicated significant improvement in several key
categories of health including:
• Average glucose measurement per person dropped by 3.7%

• Average total cholesterol per person dropped by 5%.

• The average loss in triglyceride per person was 19.3%.
The Medical Study also indicated that after just one week of doing the
The NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse, the average weight loss
per person was 7.5 pounds.

All of this proves that the NuLean Cleanse...

1. Causes rapid loss of excess weight.

2. Works to help make you healthier!

It is for these reasons that I use The NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss
Cleanse exclusively on my patients.
The NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse works on three levels:
1. It provides over 80 scientifically formulated
vitamins, minerals and herbs which nourish your liver and other organs, so that fat soluble toxins are
converted to water soluble substances that flush out of your system.

2. The herbs in the NuLean formula work to help
support your metabolism so that it burns fat at the
optimum speed. Light exercise is also needed on
your part to help heighten your metabolism rate to
assist weight-loss.

3. In addition to helping you lose weight, the
NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse is
designed to help put your body in an alkaline
There are two types of food: alkalizing foods and acidifying
The more “acid” the body is, the less healthy a person will be.
An acid body is susceptible to many diseases including cancer. An
acid body also promotes inflammation, which is a major component of
obesity. Unfortunately, the “American diet” promotes an acid body. It is
one of the reasons why obesity and disabling diseases are so
prevalent in America. Alkalizing foods help create an alkaline
environment in the body. Acidifying foods promote an acid
environment. Generally speaking vegetables and fruits help create an
alkaline environment, everything else creates an acid environment. For
a healthy body, your diet should consist of about 25% acid foods, and
75% alkaline foods.

An alkaline body is a healthy body. Most diseases cannot live in an
alkaline body. Alkalizing foods also help reduce inflammation and
promote weight-loss.

All the ingredients in the NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse help
contribute to an alkaline body. For example, the medical food protein
powder that is a component of the cleanse uses whey protein, the only
powdered protein that promotes alkalinity in the body. (Soy, Egg and
Rice protein promote acid in the body.)

Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 150 pounds, you can easily do it
with the NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse. Because of the
health benefits that most people experience when doing the Cleanse it
is only offered through licensed health professionals.

There are different methods in which to administer the NuLean weight
loss system. You are a unique person with a unique lifestyle. To
determine the fastest, most effective way for you to lose weight, you
need to receive a personalized consultation/orientation from a NuLean
health professional before you get started.

FREE: For a limited time, I am offering a consultation/orientation
at no cost ($45.00 value).
During the consultation you will be weighed
and asked a series of questions -- and then given an estimate of what it
will take to reach your target weight. One thing we know for sure, it
probably won’t take long!

Although I cannot tell you the exact cost of using the NuLean system
without first first determining what is personally right for you, I can
generally say that because it involves a meal replacement program,
considering the money you will save on food, it will cost you about a
dollar or two per day while on the program. (About the price of a cup of
coffee!) A small price to pay for losing weight and regaining your

To make an appointment for your free consultation call 281-333-1377.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It can also be one of the
best days of the rest of your life. Please give us a call right now. We
would very much like for you to be our next success story!

Warmest regards,
Dr. Suhail Al-Sahli

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